Salsaare (Salsa on the Aare)

The Salsa event «Salsaare» has been taking place in the Color Lounge, in the Schwellenmätteli Restaurant Bern, every Wednesday evening from 8pm – 12.30 am since October 2004.

The Color Lounge is a highly atmospheric room with a dance floor, seating and a great bar.  The extensive window frontage allows one to enjoy its idyllic location, directly on the Aare, and with a clear view over Altstadt and Münster.

In summer the folding doors can be opened, allowing one to spend breaks between dances on the edge of the Aare.

Inside, a professional bar team maintains the atmospheric ambience:  Plastic glasses and watery drinks are nowhere to be found here.

I have developed a concept for Salsaare, constructed on these perfect foundations.  I would like to introduce it here.

Target public: It is important to me to provide an event at which all-comers, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, dance ability and dance style, are able to feel welcome.   The aim is to enable people to dance to good Salsa music, concentrating on their dance partner and forgetful of everyday life.

In order to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, each hour is divided into three sections:

The first 20 minutes are reserved for Salsa pieces with a moderate tempo.  Those who have had little practice are thus able to take the opportunity to find a way into to the Salsa scene.  Slower pieces are not for beginners alone, on the contrary; more than a few of the more popular pieces are slower, tending instead to be punchier and more powerful. And something else:  The really good dancers are best recognised during the slower pieces.

In the second 20 minutes I introduce new pieces, i.e. Salsa CDs which have just been released.  Salsa music has always thrived on succumbing to influences and further development.  It is one of the DJ’s main tasks to promote and present this development to the public.

In the third 20 minutes we come to the classics.  I play titles which possess a timeless quality, and which always grip the audience.  This point at which those dancers who enjoy the faster pieces join in.  At the end of the hour, the tempo is high.

The music program in Salsaare is focused on Salsa, partly as a result of my own preferences and also because I am of the opinion that one cannot be competent in all areas of music.  Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton play a subordinate roll.   As a visitor one can therefore expect a balanced mix of Cuban music (Son, Timba, etc.) and Salsa from New York, Puerto Rico, Columbia and the rest of the world.  Special attention is given to Latin Jazz and the Cha-cha-cha.

Opening times and prices
Salsaare takes place every Wednesday, with very few exceptions.
Given that it is a mid-week event, Salsaare starts at 8pm. This means that dancers can come along even if they are due in to work the next morning.
The entry price is Fr. 10.00 (students 8.00)