The music pages contain the Salsa charts for albums and singles as well as a list of outstanding (still available) CDs from the last few years, and is intended to provide a little advice for the purchase of CDs.

Every DJ has his own views, and I would like to provide a brief introduction to my opinions on the subject of «music, dance and DJs»:

«Accept rhythm and melody into the body, and translate these into movement and dance together with a partner», this is what Salsa dance means to me.

In order to come as close as possible to this ideal, one needs first-class Salsa music heaped with tradition, power and creativity.  I see it as my job to liberate these gems, whereby the age and tempo are subordinate criteria.

The challenge lies in achieving a harmonious and exciting mix using good musical material, so that the evening takes a course which enables one to dance the hours away.  It is important here that the DJ knows his music well.  If he wears his headphones all night long then he cannot possibly control the sound at an optimum.  Furthermore, he will lack the time necessary to observe the people as they dance and will be unable to adjust his program to suit them.  Good music pieces always have a tantalising structure, with a beginning and an ending.  This is why I mix pieces together only occasionally.  It is unhelpful to a good dancer if the DJ chatters through the final crowning chord to a fabulous piece of music.  A brief pause between each piece is in fact ideal, if one wishes to swap dance partner.